“This Close” is an insightful portrayal of friendship and deafness

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IN THE first episode of “This Close”, Kate and Michael set out on a trip to Seattle. One airport official, on learning that they are both deaf, tries to communicate by screaming “CAN I SEE YOUR BOARDING PASSES?” Another offers them a wheelchair; a TSA agent uses wildly unintelligible pantomime to ask Michael if there’s anything in his pockets. With every ignorant or misinformed move, the show lets the viewers in on the absurdity of the interaction by way of an exasperated look shared between the leads, a witty response (signed to each other or vocalised by Kate), or simply an eye roll. In following two best friends’ lives, “This Close” explores the experiences of deaf people navigating a world structured for the hearing. 

The six-episode series is the first television show written, created by and starring people who are deaf. Like all 20-something year-olds, Kate and Michael (Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman) are stumbling their way through life. Michael is newly single and grappling with writer’s block as he works on a…Continue reading

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