A titan of Facebook considers his good fortune

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Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn. By Chris Hughes. St. Martin’s Press; 224 pages; $19.99. To be published in Britain by Bloomsbury in April; £12.99.

THERE are strokes of outrageous luck and then there is the life of Chris Hughes. Having found his way to Harvard from a small town in North Carolina, he chose Mark Zuckerberg for a roommate in his second year at university. Mr Zuckerberg quickly enlisted Mr Hughes and a few others to help in his social-networking side-project. Their ownership stakes in what became Facebook were soon worth incomprehensible sums of money.

Such extraordinary good fortune is liable to change a person’s outlook. Mr Hughes’s convinced him that the world economy is fundamentally unfair. His new book outlines a solution: a guaranteed minimum income, funded by increased taxation of the very rich. Though he makes an admirable case, the book is most interesting for the insight it provides into the mind of…Continue reading

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